Di Prima Construction Corp
Job Description
Job Objective: The Home Warranty Tech position deals with the homeowner and is responsible for visiting the customer’s home to assess the nature of the problem(s) and determine whether it is covered under GL Homes warranty or if the homeowner will be responsible. The superintendent will determine who is responsible for doing the repair(s) and how the work will be completed. This position also includes punch and maintenance responsibilities in assisting job construction managers as directed in the completion of the homes.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Review homeowner generated service requests
  • Review home inspector generated service requests (submitted by homeowner).
  • Inspections may require extended investigations in the attic and other areas throughout the home.
  • Follow up with subcontractors for proper and timely completion of repairs.
  • Monitor and maintain the reviewer report.
  • Review out of warranty issues as instructed by management.
  • Review emergency service requests and complete water intrusion incident forms (as needed).
  • Assist water intrusion supervisor with remediation procedures including but not limited to removal of damaged drywall and miscellaneous building materials.
  • Submit completed service request(s) to the office management for approval on a daily basis.
  • Communicate with homeowner(s) and return phone calls within 24 hours.
  • Forward additional work authorization forms (AWA’s over $200) to the manager(s) for approval.
  • Monitor job sites.
  • Monitor subcontractor‘s activity (i.e. parking in driveways, using homeowners water/electric).
  • Responsible for hurricane preparation procedures including the installation of hurricane panels.
  • Responsible for returning phone calls, dispatching subcontractors for emergency services (as needed) and handling emergencies as required during the on- call assigned week.

Experience and Skills:

Experience: All around skills in most aspects of residential as needed to assist in the completion of homes in support of the assigned construction mangers.


  • Must be able to think quickly, be flexible and confident in their decisions. Must be able to handle customers in a firm, yet appropriate manner while providing excellent customer service.
  • Must be self motivated and have decision making ability to accomplish goals. Must maintain professional, positive, can do attitude.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines, work under pressure, and multi task.
  • Must be able to establish rapport and develop good working relationships with all superintendents, subcontractors, vendors, and homeowners. Must be able to understand homeowners’ perspective in each individual situation and react accordingly.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills are required.
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